A Day at the People Factory

A Day at the People Factory (2005)

What might have happened to progressive rock in the 80's if punk hadn't stopped it.

Track Listing:

  1. A Day at the People Factory (instrumental)
  2. Return To Babel
  3. Chanticleer Ascendant (instrumental)
  4. Robots of Dawn (instrumental)
  5. Got the Death?
  6. Free Flight (instrumental)
  7. Adventures of Pidge and Greg
  8. Fear of Flying
  9. Anitra's Dance (from Peer Gynt - instrumental)
  10. The Quest for the Sacred Jaguar
    1. The Quest Begins
    2. Journey through the Moon-Soaked Jungles of Na'ab-Guul (instrumental)
    3. Sunbreak and the Shadow of the Jaguar (mental)
    4. Pursued by Tree-Wolves (instrumental)
    5. A Blessing.. or a Curse

Download - MP3 format

1adatpf01.mp3A Day at the People Factory3:594.37MB
2adatpf02.mp3Return To Babel3:243.61MB
3adatpf03.mp3Chanticleer Ascendant5:266.81MB
4adatpf04.mp3Robots of Dawn3:393.40MB
5adatpf05.mp3Got the Death?3:163.37MB
6adatpf06.mp3Free Flight3:524.46MB
7adatpf07.mp3The Adventures of Pidge and Greg4:034.03MB
8adatpf08.mp3Fear of Flying5:516.11MB
9adatpf09.mp3Anitra's Dance3:353.86MB
10adatpf10.mp3The Quest for the Sacred Jaguar12:4113.97MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
Lyricspf_cover.pdfPDF Booklet456k

Also available for download at:

Jamendo : Free music

About the album:

Recorded AAD - Analogue Analogue Digital

Recorded and mixed using the Old Ways on Quantegy 456 tape at The Lab, January 2005 (P)2003-2005 (C)2005 Joseph P. Morris. Made in Wales.

Mastered by Chris Shaeffer at Creative Logic, November 2005.

'Adventures of Pidge and Greg' is inspired by and based on the comic Gaming Guardians by Graveyard Greg and Webtroll.
Pidge illustration (C) 2004 Graveyard Greg and Webtroll.. used by kind permission.

(C)2004-2005 Joseph Paul Morris.. provided for personal use only.

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