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        Latest Updates:
	26-Feb-2019 - The new album, 'Illiath the Barbarian' is now available here and also on Bandcamp
	25-Apr-2018 - The album, 'Dr. Gwendolini's Amazing Medicine Show' is now also on Bandcamp
	22-Apr-2018 - The album, 'Dr. Gwendolini's Amazing Medicine Show' is now available here, and soon on Bandcamp
	08-Apr-2018 - Update: dropped the ball a bit on the new album, but it's being mastered and should be out later this month.
	05-Mar-2017 - The album, 'The Heresiarch's Breakfast' is now available here, and on Bandcamp
	19-Mar-2016 - The album, 'Evil Songs for Evil People' is now available here, and on Bandcamp
	09-Mar-2015 - The album, 'Who IS this Daryil guy anyway...?' is now available here, and on Jamendo
	06-May-2014 - The album, 'Project Retake' IS HERE
	01-Apr-2013 - The album, 'Incubi and Succubi' IS HERE
	03-Feb-2013 - The album, 'Incubi and Succubi' is due for mixing mid-month
	03-Apr-2012 - Baklawa Doom is now also available on Jamendo
	13-Mar-2012 - The eighth album, 'Baklawa Doom' is now released!
	03-Feb-2012 - Baklawa Doom is currently being mastered
	10-Dec-2011 - Mixing completed for 'Baklawa Doom'
	08-Apr-2011 - The new album, 'More Songs About Demons' is now released
	21-Nov-2010 - Mixed the bulk of the next album.  Will need to remix at least one track, though.
	20-Apr-2010 - The sixth album - '...And Daryil Answered' is now released!
	11-Mar-2010 - The sixth album is about to undergo mastering
	01-Apr-2009 - 'Three Little Pigs' is finally released!
	07-Feb-2009 - Delay on the album.  Looks like I'm going to have to choose another mastering engineer.
	11-Oct-2008 - Fifth album is about to undergo mastering for a January release
	26-Sep-2008 - 'Three Little Pigs' is mixed down
	15-Jan-2008 - The fourth album, 'Pancake Ferret' is now available here and on Jamendo
	24-Nov-2007 - 'Pancake Ferret' is mastered, release due early January
	16-Oct-2007 - 'Pancake Ferret' is currently being mastered
	24-Jun-2007 - 'Mythical Creatures Exhibtion' is now complete
	20-Jun-2007 - The first two DTE albums are now available on Jamendo
	04-Apr-2007 - Third album is now being mastered, new studio pics and equipment list
	18-Oct-2006 - 'Songs for the Wild-At-Heart' now complete!
	18-Apr-2006 - Second album undergoing mastering
	01-Mar-2006 - Updated equipment page
	19-Feb-2006 - New site, first album available for download (with old cover)
	02-Dec-2005 - First album has now been mastered, cover art is not yet ready.

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