Who IS this Daryil guy, anyway...?

Who is this Daryil guy, anyway...? (2015)

Track Listing:

    Side 1

  1. The Man Who Should Be King
  2. Panther Factory
  3. I'm Daryil
    Side 2

  5. Are You There...?
  6. A Hundred Years (or, the SAIA song)
Cover art by Keetah of Spacecat Studios. Logo by Luke Turner.

Download - MP3 format

1WITDGA01-The_Man_Who_Should_Be_King.mp3The Man Who Should Be King6:406.93MB
2WITDGA02-Panther_Factory.mp3Panther Factory5:526.26MB
3WITDGA03-Im_Daryil.mp3I'm Daryil9:3410.17MB
4WITDGA04-Are_You_There.mp3Are You There...?8:288.76MB
5WITDGA05-A_Hundred_Years.mp3A Hundred Years (or, The SAIA Song)15:0616.69MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
Lyricswho_is_daryil.pdfPDF Booklet10.10MB
Coverwho_is_daryil2-1500.jpghigher-res cover813KB

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