Songs for the Wild-At-Heart

Songs for the Wild-At-Heart (2006)

Track Listing:

    Side 1: Songs for the Wild At Heart

  1. Art Follows Art (instrumental)
  2. The Falcon's Tale
  3. The Young Human
  4. One Less Hero
  5. Borderline

    Side 2: The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona

  6. Daniel Ti'Fiona
  7. The Quest Begins
    1. Journey to the Kingdom of HollyAnn
    2. The Forbidden Lands
  8. The Battle of Evil Against Good
    1. Dark Pegasus I Presume
    2. Fight Sequence
    3. Pyrrhic Victory
  9. The End?
    1. Reflections
    2. Daniel Ti'Fiona (reprise)
    3. The Hero's Return
'The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona' is based on the Dark Pegasus storyline from Amber Panyko's comic DMFA.
Cover art by Allie Manydeeds.

Download - MP3 format

1sftwah01.mp3Art Follows Art5:136.33MB
2sftwah02.mp3The Falcon's Tale5:115.51MB
3sftwah03.mp3The Young Human4:294.48MB
4sftwah04.mp3One Less Hero2:593.21MB
The Legend of Daniel Ti'Fiona
6sftwah06.mp3i. Daniel Ti'Fiona5:315.55MB
7sftwah07.mp3ii. The Quest Begins5:545.99MB
8sftwah08.mp3iii. The Battle of Evil Against Good6:076.25MB
9sftwah09.mp3iv. The End?6:407.01MB
CD Booklet, lyrics
Lyricssftwah.pdfPDF Booklet2895k

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